Building information modelling – technology for today’s construction projects

Construction project planning increasingly utilises information models. An information model coordinator ensures that all of the information models for your project are uniform.

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BIM coordinator supports the principal designer

A BIM coordinator is a key player who helps your design team produce uniform and up-to-date data. The coordinator makes sure that the models made for your construction plan are accurate, consistent and uniform. When the information models are all compatible, the quality of your project improves considerably.
A BIM coordinator supports the principal designer in fitting the designs together. With a clash detection done using a cross-check program, we can identify collisions and contradictions between different designs. This way, problems are easier to detect and can be solved early during the design process.
The software also identifies various legal requirements, such as the height of handrails or the width of a staircase landing. As a result, you receive compatible design materials that meet all requirements.


Our BIM services are here to support you

We offer building information modelling services to all companies, communities and individuals who are carrying out medium-sized or big construction projects.
Building information modelling is still an emerging design tool. However, one of the goals of the new Finnish Land Use and Building Act amendment is to have building permit materials delivered as information models in a few years’ time.
Make use of our BIM services if:
  • You’re already using information modelling in your projects
  • You are starting a renovation project.

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