Principal design for construction projects

A principal designer, which is required by Finnish legislation, ensures the smooth running of your construction project. Hiring an experienced professional means less surprises during the building phase and less additional costs.

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Get building permits faster

Did you know that processing a building permit request takes anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks depending on the city and municipality? If your planning materials are not extensive enough, it can add months to the waiting time.

An expert principal designer manages the permit process for you and makes sure that the planning materials of your project meet the Building Control quality requirements. This expedites the permit process and reduces the need for providing additional materials afterwards.

Your principal designer also makes sure that the end result matches the goals and wishes you had set for the project.


Principal design expedites your construction project

A principal designer is the negotiator and coordinator of your construction project. They lead the design team and ensure the uniformity of the designs.

A professional principal designer ensures that designers have enough resources. This reduces mistakes in the design stage, additional costs and scheduling difficulties during the building process.

Our experienced principal designers help you acquire the necessary building permits for your project and make the permit process quick and easy for you. This improves the predictability of your project schedule and helps you finish your construction project on time.

Savings and peace of mind – hire a principal designer from us.