Land-use planning and zoning

Can’t find the right land or property for your project? Are you looking to refine your property portfolio? Our property development experts can help you achieve zoning that supports your needs

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Careful planning and preparation can speed up the zoning process

Professional land-use planning makes your real estate projects possible and raises the value of your property.
Expert planning minimises the lead time of your project and gives you more control over the effects of economic trends.

Maankäytön suunnittelu

Professional land-use planning and zoning

We offer comprehensive service chain management and local expertise regarding the zoning process and the related Finnish laws. Our team has experience working with Finnish government officials and is familiar with administrative processes. Municipalities and other communities have employed us as city planners on many projects.
We can help you with:
  • Zoning and process management
  • Masterplans to support zoning done by the city or municipality
  • Acting as the landowner’s expert during the zoning process and negotiations with authorities
  • Test fittings to see if a building of a certain size or type fits a plot of land

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