Successful project development and zoning

What should a company take into consideration when planning
the purpose or change of intended use of a building or property in Finland?

Ensuring smooth execution in development projects.

A business or a company developing its operations or properties in Finland must identify various stages in its schedules and cost estimates. Changes in the intended use and zoning require expertise to ensure a smooth process in development projects.

Land use compensations can rise to millions of euros.

Land use compensations can rise to even millions of euros, and their impact on the project can be decisive. For foreign operators, the duration of processes may come as a surprise, and prolonged projects can even lead to operators relocating to another country.

The goals of a private entity may be in conflict with the common good and the city’s strategic objectives. Identifying and promoting common interests require good communication and trust-building among stakeholders.

Our latest Whitepaper provides practical tips and tools for those considering a development project in Finland. We focus on what aspects need to be considered in the project and offer advice for smooth progress.